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International projects

Prestigious residential neighborhoods presented on the following pages are only part of the thousands of housing units built by Danya Cebus corporation: from single-family homes to multi-story buildings.
All projects are planned down to the smallest detail and executed using the most modern technologies in the field of housing construction, including landscaping and community and commercial centers for the convenience of residents.
To date Danya Cebus LTD has built more than 30,000 high-end residential units, completely changing the look of the residential areas in Israel.
Among others, the company operates under the brand name "Savyonim" by Africa Israel Investments Ltd. (AFI Group), executing projects for the largest customers in the market.
We provide customers with peace of mind and confidence in the future, and to the residents - a high standard of living and quality, comfortable accommodation for many years to come.


anya Cebus LTD has participated in the construction of many famous industrial buildings, offices and shopping centers in Israel. Just a glance at the Tel-Aviv Museum, Israel Museum, the building of Habima theater, Ramat Aviv shopping center, Kiriya tower (government building), police headquarters, the Air Force Headquarters,  Ziv Towers in Tel-Aviv, Sha'arei Ha'ir project and the building of the Government complex in Jerusalem, Science Park in Nes Ziona, Savyonim shopping center in Yehud, Ir Yamim shopping center, Negev Ceramics plant in Yeruham or the Intel plant in Kiryat Gat, to realize the logistical complexity and technological power that were required for their construction. All of them were built in strict compliance with deadlines, quality and safety directives.
Hence it is not surprising that large economic organizations such as the Ministry of Finance, Leumi bank, the Airport Authority and Israel Aircraft Industries have chosen Danya Cebus LTD to manage and perform their major construction projects.


Danya Cebus LTD is a leading company in Israel in the field of public-private partnerships (PPP). It offers its customers a comprehensive warranty in all stages of the project - from initial planning to the maintenance and operation after its completion.
The PPP allows clients to receive funding from the private sector, reduce costs and enjoy strict quality control, comprehensive warranty, compliance with time schedules, effective project management and the most innovative technological solutions.
One example of project in the field of public-private partnership, which was performed by Danya Cebus LTD, is the construction of Route 431 - a direct and wide freeway from Rishon LeZion to Modi'in - without traffic jams, with comfort and maximum safety. In this project, as well as in the construction of the Trans-Israel Highway (Highway №6), Danya Cebus LTD has been involved both as a franchise owner and as contractor, providing comprehensive services of design, construction and operation under the "same roof".


Building Tomorrow’s Infrastructure Danya Cebus LTD is actively involved in the continuous development of infrastructures necessary for the rapid-growing Israeli economy: highways, interchanges, bridges, tunnels, railways, and many more.
We are proud to be involved in all these projects. These include some of the most complex projects ever undertaken in the State of Israel, such as the Trans-Israel Highway (Highway №6), Route 40 (Be'er Sheva bypass), Gilon Tunnels between Acco and Carmiel and segments of the new railway to Jerusalem and Modi'in.
All these projects reflect the excellence technological, logistical and managerial abilities of Danya Cebus corporation.

PAVELETSKAYA - Russia AQUAMARINE I - Russia AQUAMARINE II - Russia AQUAMARINE III - Russia AFI-MALL City - Russia TRIUMPH-MALL - Russia EXPOLON - Russia Evocasa Selecta, Romania Evocasa Viva, Romania AFI Park, Romania AFI Ploiesti, Romania Gallera Mall, Romania Cotroceni Mall, Romania Adora Park, Romania Evocasa Optima, Romania Avionului, Romania Evocasa Armonia, Romania TVERSKAYA PLAZA - Russia Sea Opera, Netanya Ahuzat HaNasie, Rehovot Alonay Borohov, Ramat Gan Eco Kfar Saba Beit Zuri, Tel Aviv Gindi One&Only, Petach Tikva Gindi Art, Hod HaSharon Gindi Boulevard, Petach Tikva Gindi Towers, Ganei Tikva Gindi City, Ramla Ganei Tzion, Jerusalem Dankner BaSharon, Netanya HaGush HaGadol, Tel-Aviv Hadar Al HaYam, Ashdod Halom Rishon, Rishon LeTzion Kfar Ganim Lev HaSavyonim, Petah-Tikva Nam Tower, Tel-Aviv Apolonia Towers, Herzelia Ne’Eman Towers, Tel-Aviv Neveh Rehovot Towers, Rehovot Ramat Hasharon Tower, Hod HaSharon Melchet Sheinkin, Tel-Aviv Merom Naveh, Ramat Gan Neve Savion, Or Yehuda Nahal Yavne, Yavne Savyoney Netanya Savyoney Ramat Aviv, Tel-Aviv Savyoney Ramat Gan Ir Yamim, Netanya Psagot HaHalacha ONE, Tel-Aviv Kiryat Chatanei Pras Nobel, Rishon LeTzion Kardan BaMoshava, Petah-Tikva Kiryat Savyonim, Yehud Reviyat Florentin, Tel-Aviv Rehovot HaHadasha Ramat Danya, Jerusalem Sarona, Tel-Aviv Talmey Menashe, Beer Yaakov Arena Stadium, Jerusalem Petah-Tikva Stadium Elta, Ashdod Assuta Ashdod Bet Ampha, Tel-Aviv Bet Africa, Tel-Aviv Hotel Kishleh, Jaffa Park Gamla, Ra’anana Grand Canyon Shopping Mall, Beer Sheva Vitalgo-Ziv Towers,Tel-Aviv Giga Center, Holon Talpiot Square DHL Logistics Center Africa Israel Tower - additional floors Kannarit Tower, Tel-Aviv Control Tower - Ben Gurion International Airport The Museum of the Jewish Soldier, Latrun The Israel Museum- Jerusalem Tel-Aviv Police Central Command Geophysical Institute of Israel, Lod Margoa Hotel, Herzeliah Ta’avura Offices, Ramla Ness Tziona, Building 11 Azrieli Rishonim, Rishon LeTzion Ness Ziona Science Park Persis Building Marine Heights, Herzeliah Kupat Holim Health Clinic, Hadera Azrieli Shopping Mall, Ramla Ir Yamim Shopping Mall, Netanya Ramat Aviv Shopping Mall Kiryat Hamemshala Drom Hakirya - Migdal Hayovel Kiriyat Migdal (Migdal Center), Petah-Tikva Keshev Lod HaBimah Theatre Renovation Tamig Taavura Warehouse,Ramla Highway 431 Akko - Carmiel Railway - Section 2 Student Dorms Beer Sheva Prison Highway 40 Trans Israel Highway, Highway 6 Generi Yoseftal Interchange Dov Hoz Interchange Road 4 - Binyamina Road 722 - HaTishbi Junction Motza Bridge Gillon Tunnel Railway to Modi’in - Section 8 Gindi Ramat Aviv, Tel-Aviv Ganai Merom, Ramat Gan Hatzlahat Yehezkel, Rishon LeTzion Unique Park, Petah-Tikva YMCA, Jerusalem Savyoney Givatayim Savyoney Yam, Kiryat Yam Savyoney Netser Sireni, Nes Ziona Ad HaOfek, Ramla Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem Negev Yeruham Plant INTEL Fab-28 Elisra, Holon Yevulim, Ra'anana Rafa Laboratories HOMC Control Center Tel-Aviv Museum Timna Airport - Israel